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Thanks for visiting Personal Splendor! This site is dedicated to my 2006 People to People Student Ambassador fundraising project, Project Personal Splendor. My goal is to raise enough money to cover my 2006 England Scotland journey tuition as a Student Ambassador. In raising funds for my exciting 20-day journey I had many options; though I want to raise enough money to fund my trip, I've decided that I want to do more than just focus on myself and my journey.

I need your support - click here to sponsor my journey!

What is Personal Splendor?
Personal Splendor is a project to raise money for my personal goal of Student Ambassador tuition assistance while committing to help others. Throughout the remainder of 2005 and until may of 2006, I am committing to use my special skills and talents to give back to children who may never have the opportunity to experience a journey to another country, seriously ill children at Duke Children's Hospital.

I named my fundraising project Personal Splendor, meaning individual or inner beauty, because I believe that even though these children have serious illnesses they are still children, just like me, with hopes, dreams, hobbies and joys - individual inner beauty and courage that is more than any normal kid can imagine.

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I'm asking for your support and sponsorship so that I can reach all the goals outlined in Project Personal Splendor (for project details click here). My tuition is due March 1, 2006. Your generous support will enable me to share in this wonderful opportunity. Thank you.

Kristan Parish
Student Ambassador

Very Special Thank You

I want to thank those who helped me through the application and interview process to become a People to People Student Ambassador - without your support, I would not have been selected.

Mrs. Shawntel Wuerch, one of the most wonderful people in my life: Ms. Shawntel - I'm so thankful for your recommendation and that you believe in me. I promise to bring you LOTS of pictures back! I love you bunches and bunches. ~Kristan

Mrs. Lori Shaw, my 4th Grade teacher: Ms. Shaw - I love you and I'm so glad you're my teacher because you're really great. Thank you for writing your recommendation letter - I promise to make you proud and learn a lot! ~Kristan

Ms. Jen Zoller, my 3rd Grade teacher: Ms. Zoller - I love you and miss you. Thank you for writing my recommendation letter - I promise to send you e-mail updates about my trip! ~Kristan