Kristan Faith Parish

2006 People to People Bio Sheet
About Me:
I'm 10 years old and live in Cary, North Carolina. My parents and I moved here in 2004 from Nashville, TN because of their jobs with Motricity. I love our home in Cary, and above all like being able to go to the ocean anytime we want in the summer.
My Birthday:
October 19, 1995
My School:
I'm in 4th grade at Cary Elementary School. My teacher is Mrs. Lori Shaw, and I love being in her class. My favorite subjects are Math, Science & Reading. I especially love Advanced Math and my Academically Gifted classes.
My Pet:
A stray tabby cat named Angel.
My Hobbies:
My favorite hobbies are Reading and Writing. I love to write about my life in my journal and making up my own stories. I also enjoy reading, my favorite book series right now is Judy Blume's Fudge books. I am also taking Piano lessons and hope to learn how to play the piano really well.
My Life Goal:
My goal is to go to Duke University and become a successful author.
What I'm Most Excited About:
I'm most excited about visiting the British Parliament and I hope we get to meet Queen Elizabeth!