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Personal Splendor is a project to raise money for my personal goal of Student Ambassador tuition assistance while committing to help others. Throughout the remainder of 2005 and until May of 2006, I am committing to use my special skills and talents, in partnership with Children's Miracle Network and Ronald McDonald House of Durham, to give back to children who will never have the opportunity to experience a journey to another country, seriously ill children at Duke Children's Hospital.

My 2006 Student Ambassador fundraising program has three parts, my Student Ambassador Goal, Production Goal and Duke Children's Hospital contributions.

Student Ambassador Goal: My goal for the Student Ambassador Program is to raise $6000 to cover my tuition ($5199), cost for travel ($300), and personal funds for my trip ($500)

Production Goal: Cost for production of 50 Personal Splendor Yearbook's at $29.99 each — totaling $1500.

Duke Children's Hospital & Ronald McDonald House of Durham: All contributions above and beyond what is needed for my Student Ambassador Journey or Production of the Personal Splendor Yearbook will go to Duke Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House of Durham.

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